P. Praveen Kumar

Hailing from a family of artists, Praveen Kumar showed a natural inclination towards Arts and Dance at a very young age. His tutelage under the eminent gurus Smt. Narmada and Prof.C.V.Chandrasekhar helped him realize the aesthetic depths, traditional of Bharathanatyam and dedicate himself wholeheartedly and purposefully to this ancient dance form.

Praveen is an accomplished nattuvanar and choreographer and has skillfully ideated several critically acclaimed productions to his credit including Rtu Vismruthi, Vani, Shiva Sutra Jaala, Sakha, Loka Bandhavyam, Anagha Vilasa , Pandharpur & many more.. Through his dance productions, he has explored aspects like climate change, fabrics, various complexities and
nuances within interpersonal relationships, under-discussed dimensions of mythology, besides paying a tribute to cultural icons and poets like Mysore Vasudevachar, Sundaram Pillai, sage Panini.

From his flawless footwork to his layered understanding nritta, abhinaya and his skillful choreography, Praveen Kumar has consistently received critical acclaim over the years and has redefined himself as a performer, staying abreast with the times. He believes that learning is always two-sided and has strived to be relevant, without losing the essence of the form. He has travelled extensively around the globe and in India, taking part in prestigious dance and music festivals and is also the founder of the Chithkala School of Dance at Bangalore.

Praveen Kumar – an empanelled artist of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) and an ‘A’ grade artist on television – believes that dance is the ultimate medium of creative expression and has immense therapeutic value.


Welcome to Chithkala School of Dance

Chithkala School of dance today is one of the most renowned Bharatanatyam institutions, seamlessly forging a balance between tradition and modernity. The dance school is committed to time tested traditions of teaching, practice and performance while also exploring newer interpretations of the form.

The institution is headed and founded by contemporary, prominent dancer P Praveen Kumar. He’s a recipient of several awards from the Central Government and State Government and his performances have been well received by critics, connoisseurs and the layman alike.

His training under reputed gurus Smt.Narmada and C.V.Chandrasekhar have helped him stay true to the strong traditional values of Bharatanatyam, explore its nuances on a deeper level. He is now successfully passing the baton to the next generation, nurturing individual/solo dancers under his guidance.

Praveen Kumar believes that learning is always two-sided and has strived to be relevant, without losing the essence of the form. His vast experience as a performer, choreographer, understanding of literature, music and awareness of the rasika’s tastes have proved to be an asset to his teaching patterns.

Praveen always grooms his students to develop their own style and approach to the form, without spoon-feeding them. His disciples have transitioned into graceful performers over the years who have an identity of their own.

The students from the institution have garnered awards and recognition at various festivals and competitions. Some of the students have been bestowed by government scholarships (central and state). The groups have performed at several prestigious dance festivals across the country.